About Curriculum

Our lessons available for download now:

Earth Science
-Inside Earth
-Identifying Minerals
-Dinosaur Traces
-Star Clock

Life Science
-Cell Study
-Human Puzzle
-DNA Whodunit

Computer Science:
-Trajectory Lab

Physical Science:
-Making Paint
-Bubble Prints
-Speed Fizz
-Bridge Building
-Forcing Gravity
-Gears & Gizmos
-Simple Machines
-Solar Energy
-Switch On
-Dying for a Tan

The Science Enrichment Program endeavors to open a world to underrepresented youth with a special emphasis on minority girls by exposing them to science, engineering, and technology.

The Science Enrichment Program is currently a project under the NSF Engaging People in Cyberinfrastructure (EPIC) collaboration.

Programs and Partners :

The Science Enrichment Program
Rozeanne Steckler, Ph.D. -- Director of Education -- NACSE
1148 Kelley Engineering Center -- Oregon State University -- Corvallis, OR 97331
Phone: 541-737-6601 -- FAX: 541-737-6609 -- steckler@nacse.org

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